Bob Moorhard.
Shannon Explosives Ltd.
Mount Kenneth House,
Third Floor,
Henry Street,
25th April 2002

Appeal Re: Construct facilites and infrastructure for the importation, manufacturing, storage, distribution, exportation of explosives materials. Cahercon, Kildysart, Co. Clare.

Dear Sir ,
I have been asked by An Bord Pleanela to refer to the above-mentioned appeal. The Board has examined the appeal and is of opinion that certain information is necessary for the purpose of enabling it to determine the appeal. In accordance with section 10 of the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1992 you are required to submit, within one month beginning on the date of this notice, the following other information:

(i) Description A thorough and detailed description of the site referring to all significant features including topography, ground levels, manmade features and tree cover. This should also indicate if ground levels over the site have been raised and, if so, provide details of extent, amount and type of materials used. The issue of flooding through tidal incursion should be addressed. Sufficient survey drawings to illustrate existing conditions should be provided. These should include a site survey drawing showing contours and site levels to ordnance datum and relative to mean and storm high water marks. At least three site sections, running approximately west-east through the site, should be provided. All drawings should indicate the extent of existing tree cover on the site.

(ii) Proposed Development Details of any necessary raising of ground levels and proposed finished ground levels and floor levels of buildings. Site layout and section drawings to illustrate accurately the "after development" situation so as to enable a clear comparison with the existing situation to be made. The drawings should also indicate clearly the extent of tree cover, removal proposed.

All relevant aspects of the above should be considered in terms of significant environmental impacts likely to arise both at construction and operational phases of the development.

(iii) Domestic Wastewater Certified site suitability tests, in accordance with the recommendations of SR6: 1991. Details of the proposed wastewater treatment system and percolation area, including mitigation measures if appropriate.

(iv) Impact on Adjacent Land Uses Assessment of the impact of the proposed development on the development potential of lands in the vicinity of the site and particularly those lands within the Outside Safety Distances and noting that the area is designated in the Development Plan for "sea-orientated industries".

(v) Impact On Fauna A survey for badger setts within the woodland area along the north-west boundary of the site, proposed for clear felling, and details of appropriate mitigation measures, if necessary .

(vi) Archaeology An archaeological assessment of the adjacent inter-tidal zone, including the mudflats and foreshore of Inish Murray Island, the proposed shipping lane and Cahercon Pier. The assessment to include a dive survey with metal detection where appropriate.

(vii) Architectural Heritage An assessment of all relevant buildings/structures within a radius of approximately 1.5 kilometres from the site and including an assessment of the architectural heritage value of the dry-dock on the site.

(viii) Cahercon Pier An assessment of the suitability of the pier for the proposed use including a marine survey of the quay and approaches, berthage potential and a description of any upgrading works that may be necessary.

(ix) The following other information is also required: 1. Schedule of potential major-accidents on the site (major-accident , scenarios)

2. Description of methodology by which the major-accident scenarios were identified 3. Consequences of each major-accident scenario in terms of: (a) blast damage levels as a function of distance from the source (b) concentration of toxic gases as a function of distance from the source The responses should be supported by calculations. 4. Estimated probability of each major-accident scenario in terms of events per year, and methodology for estimation. 5. Estimated individual risk of fatality as a function of distance from the source. The response should be supported by calculations. Please have regard to the latest developments in assessing and accommodating risks around explosives stores, for example HSE publications "Controlling risks around explosives stores", 2002 and "Proposals for new regulations on the manufacture and storage of explosives" (Consultation Draft CD/174), 2002. If the other information required is not received before the end of the specified period, the Board will dismiss or otherwise determine the appeal without further notice to you in accordance with section 11 of the 1992 Act. Your submission in response to this notice should be received by the Board not later than 5.30 p.m. on 24tb May, 2002. Please quote the above appeal reference number in any further correspondence.

Yours faithfully,
John Duffy,
Executive Officer.